Intellectual Property

Chabert & Associés

The Intellectual Property Pole

The debate surrounding the property on software among the advocates of patent and the supporters of copyright is still valid. A professional specializing in New Technologies Law cannot dispense with these questions.

The clients’ best interest requires not only their creations to be protected, but also that the traceability of copyright within their companies is rigorously monitored.
  • The intellectual property rights of the company;
  • The employees’ intellectual property rights; and
  • The transferred rights in the framework of a transfer of a company or of a branch of activity,

are items that must be systematically taken into consideration in order to be able to perpetuate the rights of the company, to make sure that the company is not deprived of such rights or becomes a victim of infringement.

The filing of a distinctive denomination that is strategic for the company, or of a patent (when the patentability conditions are met) is also an extremely important aspect, as well as a part of the assets of the company.

Even if the property of a trademark is decisive, it is not necessary or sufficient.

The evolution of new technologies requires new action grounds to be broken, as well as the integration, among the communication tools of the company, of legal names, domain names and, also, of interventions in the forums and social networks.

Each mode of communication must be thoroughly considered, and the risk taken duly assessed against the expected benefits.

The Artistic Creation Pole

CHABERT & Associés proposes its legal support to professionals of the literary and artistic fields (authors and/or interpreters). This support takes into consideration all the issues pertaining to artistic creation.

Our Law Firm has a double competence, both in Digital Law and Copyright Law for authors and/or interpreters.
This is an essential feature: creations (musical – graphic – cinematographic – audio-visual…) use increasingly evolving and advanced digital technologies (digitalisation - CAD – graphic applications – 3D computer graphics (morphing, motion capture…)), which become indispensable. Our Law Firm knows how to adapt to this constantly changing context.

For legal consultancy, pre-litigation or litigation, Cabinet CHABERT & Associés favours a strategic and practical approach, to assist its clients according to their expectations, needs, projects and ambitions, in the framework of the following operations, among others:
  • Negotiation and conclusion of author’s and/or performer’s agreements;
  • Publishing contracts;
  • Production contracts;
  • Audio-visual adaptation agreements;
  • Legal deposit;
  • Management of authors’ and/or performers’ moral or patrimonial rights;   
  • Image contracts;
  • Rights defence…
Our Legal Firm advises professionals of the artistic creation field (authors and/or performers – writers, painters, musicians, composers, producers, stage managers, actors, comedians, singers… – and that on any creation areas – live performing, audio-visual, cinema, music, literature, jewellery…

Our added value

A double competence : Both in Digital Law and on Intellectual Property Law.
Our motto : Quality – Availability – Strategy: Our clients must be reassured as soon as possible, and enjoy timely and reliable advice.

CHABERT & Associés is registered, since 2012, with the Registre National des Agents Artistiques. (French National Register for Artistic Agents). Even if we intend to limit ourselves to the provision of legal services, this registration enables our firm to enter into numerous partnerships and, therefore, to benefit from a real immersion in the artistic creation world.

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