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1 - The time dedicated to the case.

This formula is proposed on the basis of an hourly fee of 330 € exclusive of tax.

2 - The application of a budget (flat-rate).

This case applies when a definite task has been identified: the hourly fee basis remains at 330 € exclusive of tax/hour, but a budget (flat rate) is proposed to the Client, which amount depends on the mission.)

A financial agreement is then signed with the Client.

The Client is invoiced on the basis of the time effectively dedicated to the case.
  • If our Legal Firm devotes less time than initially thought to the case, only the time effectively spent shall be invoiced to the Client.
  • Nevertheless, if our Legal Firm dedicates more time than initially thought to the case, the Client shall benefit from the advantage of being certain that only the agreed budget (flat rate) shall be invoiced, no extra invoice being made for the case.

3 - Monthly Legal Counseling

In this case, a mutual engagement is taken by both of the parties (the Client and our Legal Firm).

An hourly service volume is then defined by mutual agreement with the Client, and the number of hours agreed in that way shall be invoiced every month during 1 year (a readjustment being possible after 6 months, if the gap appears too important), regardless of the services being rendered or not.

The aim of this formula consists on sharing the legal expenses during a whole year. The Client benefits also of a preferential treatment, being a regular Client.

The hourly fees, in this case, are digressive, depending on the number of hours spent:
  • 325 € exclusive of tax up to the 5th hour in a month;
  • 315 € exclusive of tax between the 6th hour and the 15th hour in a month:
  • 305 € exclusive of tax between the 16th hour and the 25th hour in a month;
  • 285 € HT beyond.

4 - In-house legal counseling for the business which do not have their own legal department (complete day/half a day).

The Client puts an office at the Lawyer’s disposal, as well as its secretaries and assistants, and keeps the members of its own staff informed about the Lawyer’s presence in its premises for the time agreed, in order to enable them to prepare the files they could wish to present for counsel.

In these cases of legal outsourcing and from 2 days in a month (on the basis of 8 hour/day, from 9:00 h am to13:00 h and form 14:00 h pm to 18:00 h pm), which means ½ a day/week or 1 day in a fortnight, the hourly fee applied shall automatically be of 295 € exclusive of tax (taking into consideration that the Client provides his own production means.)

In this way, the businesses are able to outsource the legal services they need without leaving their premises or having to pay any social contributions.
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